Shoulder and upper arm brace - guidelines for use (Sarmiento Brace)

A Sarmiento Brace stabilises the fracture while it heals.

About the brace

You have fractured your shoulder or upper arm. You are wearing a brace that stabilises the fracture and supports your arm while the fracture heals. The brace is known as the Sarmiento brace. The brace can be adjusted to fit you, and you should keep it on at all times. The doctor will assess how long you need to wear the brace. 

Put the brace on correctly

If you have taken the brace off or if it has become loose, it is important that you put it back on correctly. We recommend having someone help you get it back on.

Picture of a person putting the brace on

Place the large shell on the outer side of your upper arm and the small shell on the inner side. You should be able to bend your arm without irritating your elbow or armpit.

Picture of a person fastening the strap

Wrap the long strap under your healthy arm and around your back. The strap must go through the buckle. Fasten the strap with the Velcro strip at the front of your upper body. 

Picture of a person fastening the strap

Fasten the two Velcro strips on the little shell on your upper arm.

The brace has been fastened correctly when it fits snuggly, supports your arm and alleviates pain.

Picture of a person wearing the brace

Resting your arm

When resting, use a pillow to reduce swelling and tension in your arm. Your hand should always be placed higher than the rest of your arm.

Picture of a person resting their arm on their stomach

Lie on your back with a pillow under your upper arm and place the rest of your arm on your stomach.

Picture of a person resting their arm on a pillow

Lie on the side of your healthy arm and rest your injured arm in front of you on a large pillow or duvet.

Picture of a person resting their arm on a pillow

Sit with a pillow in front of you. Place your forearm and hand on the pillow.

Keep your armpit clean and dry

Keep your armpit clean and dry to avoid developing armpit fungal infection.
Allow your arm to hang in a natural position. Lean slightly when washing yourself under your arms. Do not move your shoulder. You can place a cotton cloth in your armpit to keep your skin clean and dry throughout the day.

Throw away the brace when you no longer need it

The brace cannot be re-used. So, when you are done using it, throw it out.

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