Ribs - broken or bruised

You have ben broken or bruised one or more ribs. Until it is healed, you should avoid physical activity.

About your visit

We have examined you and have ascertained that you have bruised or broken one or several ribs. You may be in pain for several weeks.

When you get home

Contact your general practitioner if your condition deteriorates 

It is normal to be in pain if you have bruised or broken ribs. The pain will often increase the first seven to 10 days after the injury, after which the pain will begin to recede. However, if the pain suddenly increases or you have trouble breathing, call your general practitioner or dial 1813 to reach the medical helpline outside your general practitioner’s opening hours. The same applies if you develop a fever or a sustained cough.

Take pain-relieving medicine if you are in pain

You should take pain-relieving medicine if you are in pain. Pain-relieving medicine can be bought over the counter. Take only the amount of pain reliever recommended on the package. Contact your general practitioner if you need help managing the pain.

Avoid vigorous physical activity

It is important to move around and to resume your everyday activities gradually. However, you should avoid vigorous physical activity, for example exercising, vacuuming and heavy lifting. The length of time this applies differs from person to person. You can check your medical journal at www.sundhed.dk to see what applies to you. 

Worth knowing

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