Cut and puncture wounds (with risk of infection)

If you have a wound, you might have been exposed to a bloodbased virus. We have taken a bloodsample to test it.

About your visit

If you have a cut or puncture wound, or if your wound or mucous membrane has been exposed to another person’s blood, there is a risk that you have been infected with a virus. We have therefore taken a blood sample to test for hepatitis B and C as well as HIV, and you have been given the first of four vaccinations against hepatitis. If you have had hepatitis B, or if you have already been vaccinated against hepatitis B, you may only need the first vaccination. You may also have received a vaccination against diphtheria and tetanus. 

When you get home

Contact your general practitioner if there are signs of infection

Call your general practitioner or dial 1813 to reach the medical helpline outside your general practitioner’s opening hours if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Redness.
  • Pain or a stinging sensation.
  • Fever.

Safe sex 

We recommend that you and your partner use a condom until you have received the results of your blood tests and you know whether you have an infection. This means up to three months after the accident.

Contact your general practitioner for results of blood tests 

We will send the results of your blood tests to your general practitioner. Based on the results, your general practitioner will plan further treatment. Contact your general practitioner to schedule an appointment.

Worth knowing

Your personal data

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