Concise Biographical Sketch

Summary of curriculum vitae for Thorkild I.A. Sørensen by September 2016.

Born December 7, 1945. MD in 1971, achieved the Doctoral Degree (Dr Med Sci) in 1983, Chief Physician at the Department of Liver Diseases at Hvidovre University Hospital 1988. Received 1989 a 5-year position as MRC Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, and was appointed 1994 as Clinical Professor at the University of Copenhagen and as Chief Physician in Clinical Epidemiology at the Copenhagen Hospital Corporation. Director of the Institute of Preventive Medicine 1993-2016, affiliated with the Institute of Public Health at the Faculty of Health Sciences, and Dean of the Faculty in 1995-96. From 2011, Honorary Visiting Professor at Bristol University, UK. In 2011, Courtesy Professor at Cornell University, U.S.A. October 1, 2011, half-time Professor of Metabolic Epidemiology at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Basic Metabolic Research, associated with the Section on Metabolic Genetics (half-time permission from the other position). From 2016, Honorary Professor of Public Health at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Aarhus University.

Coordinator of several national and international research projects and networks: Nordic Network on longitudinal epidemiology investigating “Pre- and Childhood Growth in Relation to Risk of Cardiovascular Disease”; the FP5 project NUGENOB (Nutrient-Gene Interactions in Human Obesity – Implications for Dietary Guidelines, 2001-4); the epidemiological research line in the Integrated FP6 project, DIOGENES (Diet, Obesity and Genes, 2005-9); the Integrated FP6 project, HEPADIP (Hepatic and Adipose Tissue function in the Metabolic Syndrome, 2005-9). Initiated the formation of the network of Danish research groups focusing on obesity and its causes and complications, which lead to formation of DanORC (Danish Obesity Research Centre) supported by the Danish Strategic Research Council in 2007. 
All publications include, in total, 890 papers, of which 557 are original papers, 95 are reviews, 29 are editorials in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and 209 are miscellaneous papers (not including abstracts), with several papers in the highest impact journals (6 original papers, 2 editorials in NEJM, and 3 in Lancet). H-index by Scopus is 77 and by Web of Science, 74. Besides some research in the hepatology-gastroenterology field and some in general epidemiological topics, the main area of research has been various aspects of obesity, genetic and environmental causes, life course development, changes in occurrence over time, emergence of the obesity epidemic, psychosocial and somatic health consequences, morbidity and mortality including relations to cardiovascular diseases. 

President of The Danish Association for the Study of Obesity in two full term periods, and President of the European Congress on Obesity in Copenhagen, 1995. Advisor, supervisor or reviewer of multiple doctoral and PhD dissertations. Involved in establishing a graduate school in public health sciences. Served as scientific advisor or reviewer for many different national and international institutions, organizations and journals.  Chair of an "Independent Expert Group for the future of public health research in Europe" established by the EU Commission with the purpose of providing novel ideas about thematic priorities, structure, national engagement and policy implementation in public health defined as health promotion, disease prevention and health services.  

Received the Hagedorn, the Codan, the Erhoff prizes and the Population Science and Public Health Award from the International Association for the Study of Obesity for research. Became Knight of the Order of Dannebrog in 2008, and Doctor Honoris Causa at the University of Helsinki in 2010 and of the University of Southern Denmark in 2011. Received the Mickey Stunkard Lifetime Achievement Award from The Obesity Society (TOS) in Los Angeles in 2015, and became Honorary Member of The Danish Association for the Study of Obesity in 2016.

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Thorkild I.A. Sørensen