Copenhagen Infant Health Nurse Records (CIHNR) cohort

​The Copenhagen Infant Health Nurse Records (CIHNR) is a population-based cohort containing information on 92,902 mothers with infants born 1959-1967 who resided in Copenhagen.

During repeated home visits starting just days after birth, infant health nurses provided guidance on infant nutrition and well-being to the mothers and collected key information using structured pre-printed forms.

The records contain information about weight development and infant nutrition at 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, and 12 months of age, parental occupation, the home, family structure, pregnancy and delivery, childcare, motor function development, the child's physical health, parent-child relationship, well-being, and mental and environmental factors (in total 358 variables). A subset of infants received additional visits until 3 years of age.

The unique government issued personal identification number was identified for 88,808 individuals. These individuals have been prospectively followed up via linkages with national registers on vital statistics, health and socioeconomic circumstances and other cohort studies.

​Can I get hold of the data?

The steering group of the CIHNR welcomes collaboration and the interest of national and international colleagues. 

Please contact the steering group or Research group leader Jennifer Baker