Birgitte Hollegaard Hartsteen

Ansvars-/ Forskningsområder:

I work in the field of evolutionary medicine. My research is focused on the cost of reproduction on morbidity and mortality across life in a modern society, with both an evolutionary perspective and with a public health application. I use epidemiology and statistical methods on contemporary data (1980-2017) from the Danish Public Health Registries. In this postdoc I will try to determine the mechanisms that cause different risks of morbidity and mortality for mothers who make different energetic investment into reproduction in terms of their offspring gender (costlier sons vs daughters), number (twins vs singletons or total number across life), gestation length, birthweight, or breastfeeding length.  Currently I am employed at the University of Turku and affiliated with Center for Clinical Research and Prevention where I sit on daily basis.


2018 George C. Williams Prize winner

Udvalgte publikationer:

Birgitte Hollegaard, Jacob A. Lykke, Jacobus Boomsma.
Time from preeclampsia diagnosis to delivery affects future health prospects of children. 
Evol Med Public Health2017 eox004. doi: 10.1093/emph/eox004

Birgitte Hollegaard, Sean Byars, Jacob Lykke, Jacobus Boomsma. "Parent-Offspring Conflict and the Persistence of Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension in Modern Humans"