Section for Data, Biostatistics and Pharmacoepidemiology

Section for Data, Biostatistics and Pharmacoepidemiology ​are onsite experts in health statistics and collaborate with all research sections.

The section has two core areas of focus:


In Biostatistics we participate in projects across the sections of CCRP and analyze data for external partners. We have many years of experience with design, analyses and interpretation of cross-sectional studies, randomized clinical trials, cohort studies, surveys and registry studies within multiple fields of research. Good application of statistical analyses has high priority in the section. We participate at multiple levels of the center's projects: in close collaboration with researchers refining data, data analyses and developing conclusions, or we offer assistance in self-help to researchers who are more independent.

Copenhagen Clinical Phase IV Unit (P​hase4Cph):​

Phase4Cph is a close collaboration between Clinical Pharmacological Department at Bispebjerg Hospital, and CCRP. We have extensive collective experience with pharmacological studies including: Phase IV studies, medicine studies, national-registry studies, clinical studies and method studies. We collaborate with the pharmaceutical industry and authorities on post-authorization safety studies (PASS) and effectiveness studies (PAES). We provide guidance and train graduate and PhD students in pharmacoepidemiology.

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