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Familieraketten - A family-based community that supports a good and healthy family life

FamilieRaketten is a development and research project conducted in collaboration between KFUM's Social Work and Center for Clinical Research and Prevention. The research project aims to develop and evaluate a family-oriented intervention to empower vulnerable families and promote children's well-being. 


FamilieRaketten is a multi-component, family-oriented intervention that works through YMCA's social cafes and kindergartens in Denmark It involves fun games, shared meals, and pleasant moments as a family. In FamilieRaketten, a team of KFUM's Social Work's volunteers and an employees create comfortable and structured settings focusing on a balanced and thriving family life. Common for most of the participating families is that they wish to have a stronger local network and more resources as a family.


The objective is to examine whether FamilieRaketten is a suitable framework within the context of KFUMs Social Work, to identify potential optimization points, and to tentatively assess if FamilieRaketten has a positive impact on the families and participating children's well-being.


The intervention will be tested, and further developed and adapted, in a feasibility study. The feasibility study will test both the acceptability and practicability of the intervention FamilieRaketten and of the research-based evaluation design. The evaluation design involves a cluster-randomized trial in four of KFUM's Social Work's institutions. After recruitment, the institutions will be randomly assigned to either the intervention or a waitlist control group. Each institution includes around four families with children between 3 and12 years of age.

Time frame

The research project will proceed from May 2022 to May 2024.


The research project is supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation with 3.748.923 DKK. 

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