​Administration is responsible for personnel administration, economy, fundraising and webpage.

About the Administration

The administration oversees secretarital support for all the sections of CCRP in adition to staff administration, economics, updating webpage, fundraising and proofreading assistance.

Administrative Staff:

Kate Livemore Kate Livemore - Administration head

Birgitte Pickering Birgitte Pickering - Management secretaryElisabeth Dahl Nielsen

Gitte Aaslet Gitte Aaslet - PA/secretary

Joan Meldhede Hansen Joan Melhede Hansen - Accountant

Lene Aastrøm Hansen Lene Aastrøm Hansen - Management assistant

Marianne Petersen Marianne Petersen - Office assistant

Marianne Zimmerman Sørensen Marianne Zimmermann Sørensen - Office assistant

Responsible editor