Section for Data

​Section for Data is the dedicated support section for data security and data quality. It operates in conjunction with all research sections.

About Section for Data

CCRPs data section is the center's datamanagement resource. The datamanagers are not tied to particular projects but assist usually in short durations for smaller projects or longer time on projects needing constant expert guidance. The section also provides sparring for researchers from other departments who work heavily with data tools and developing internal data tools.

Section for Data assumes responsibility for the maintainance and security of the center's data from population studies.

Specifically, the section has excellent competences in: data security, data quality, health registries, data project management, search optimisation, both SAS and STATA programming and development of own inhouse systems and tools for national health studies.


Carsten Thye Agger Carsten Agger - Section lead

Anja Lykke Madsen Anja Lykke Madsen - Datamanager

Gert Mehl Virenfeldt - Datamanager

Responsible editor