Section for Clinical Epidemiology

​Section for Clinical Epidemiology pursues epidemiological research on both patient and population-based studies and national registry cohorts. These studies involve prevention, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and postmarketing medicinal research.

Research Focus:

  1. Childhood growth and health/disease later in life
    This group is lead by senior researcher and associate professor Jennifer L. Baker. A substantial part of the research revolves around the Copenhagen school nurse journals, which encompasses weight and height measurements of approximately 420.000 Danish school age children born in the period 1930-1997. By following the children in the Danish National Health Registry, the research group map out the relationship between childhood weight and height to the later occurence of, for example, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pulmonary disease, and autoimmune disease. The group also uses the Copenhagen doctors journals of 95.300 infants born in the period 1959-1967 to identify the connections between nutrition and growth in infancy and the development of cardiovascular diseases.

  2. Gastroenterological and endocrinological epidemiology
    This group studies how, and if, inflammatory bowel disease, intestinal flora and hormones contribute to the development of cardiometabolistic diseases. Such as obesity, type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The resource sources its data from the center's population- based cohorts, the national health registries also including laboratory work.

  3. Postmarketing medicinal research/ phase IV medicinal research
    This group focuses on the study of medicine's effectiveness and side effects, after it has been approved and applied in the general population. Phase IV studies are valuable since they more rigorously develop an understanding of the effectiveness and side effects when applied in a complicated real situation. The center's experience and strenght in national health registries gives the group a unique ability to do phase IV studies of the highest international standard.

  4. Practical scientific support to clinics and practicioners
    We offer assistance for practical implementation of clinical research findings to clinics in the Capital Region. The group is especially well practiced in methodology and actively help with everything from fund applications and study design to data handling, statistics and writing support.


Kristine Allin Kristine Allin - Head of Section

Britt Wang Jensen Britt Wang Jensen - Postdoc

Camilla Bjørn Jensen Camilla Bjørn Jensen - Postdoc

Dorthe Corfitzen Pedersen Dorthe Corfitzen Pedersen  - PhD student

Jennifer Lynn Baker Jennifer Lynn Baker - Lead Researcher

Johan Michael Burisch Johan Michael Burisch - Senior registrar

Julie Funch Meyer - Master student

Julie Aarestrup Julie Aarestrup - Postdoc

Kim Blond Kim Blond - PhD student

Line Klingen Gjærde Line Klingen Gjæde - Postdoc

Lise Geisler Bjerregaard Lise Geisler Bjerregaard - Postdoc

Lone Larsen Lone Larsen - PhD student

Marie Villumsen Marie Villumsen - Postdoc

Matilde Winther-Jensen - Postdoc

Peter Engel Thomas - Master student

Sandra Bohn Thomsen - PhD student

Sara Birksø Larsen - Master student

Sarita Shrestha

Susanne Hansen Susanne Hansen - Postdoc

Research partners:

Section for Clinical Epidemiology has a close partnership with the clinical departments in the Capital Region. We also have numerous collaborations both nationally and internationally. Central national academic partners include the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research at University of Copenhagen, where Jennifer L. Baker and Kristine Allin are associated as associate professors and Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen. Our international partners include Imperial College London, Harvard University, Cornell University, National Cancer Institute, Mayo Clinic and Mount Sinai (USA).

Resources and equipment:

In Section for Clinical Epidemiology we work with epidemiological and statistical methods with the use of our own data and data from the national registries through Statistics Denmark and Sundhedsdatastyrelsen. We use SAS and Stata statistical software and collaborate with the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research at University of Copenhagen who have a molecular/genetic laboratory.

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