Section for Intersectoral Health Service Research

​Section for Intersectoral Health Service Research undertakes and supports intersectional research with the purpose of generating new knowledge on the functions of health services. This entails systematic analyses and evaluation of new intersectional health initiatives, collaboration models and organisational structures. The section administers the fund "Tværspuljen", that allocates four million Danish Kroner on a yearly basis, with focus on improving collaboration between hospitals, municipalities and standardised practices in the Capital Region.

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Anne Kristine Aarestrup Michaela Louise Schiøtz - Head of section

Anne Kristine Aarestrup - Senior Researcher

Anne Marie Lyngsø Anne Marie Lyngsø - Senior Researcher

Dorthe Høst Dorthe Høst - Project Coordinator

Julie Christina Grew Julie Christina Grew - Senior Researcher

Katharina Cordes Katharina Cordes - Psychologist

Katrine Røhder Katrine Røhder - Psychologist

Mia Flint Mia Flint - Scientific assistant

Michaela Louise SchiøtzSøren Benjamin Runz-Jørgensen - Student assistant

Responsible editor