Thomas Dantoft

Section for Epidemiology
Project Manager

Thomas Dantoft is Project Manager for DanFunD (Danish Study of Functional Disorders) the world’s largest general population-based study of functional somatic syndromes. The study is funded by grants from the Danish foundations TrygFonden and The Lundbeck Foundation.

By means of data from the DanFunD study Thomas Dantoft is involved in various research projects with superior aims to unravel the epidemiology of functional somatic syndrome. Thomas Dantoft also has a special interest in multiple chemical sensitivity through a collaboration with researchers at Umeaa University in Sweden.

Thomas Dantoft has an MSc.Eng. within biotechnology from Aalborg University and a PhD from DTU, Technical University of Denmark and The Danish Research Centre for Chemical Sensitivities (now closed) at Gentofte University Hospital. The primary aim of Thomas Dantoft’s PhD was to examine inflammatory biomarkers in persons with multiple chemical sensitivity.

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