Sanne Thysen

​Section for Epidemiology
Postdoc - guest researcher


Sanne Thysen is a postdoc affiliated to the Section for Epidemiology, where she works on the Vitamin K project, and investigates the association between vitamin K and cardiovascular diseases.

Sanne holds an MD and a PhD from Aarhus University. She has previously worked with non-specific effects of vaccines, and amongst others investigated the role of Bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccination in child mortality in both observational studies and randomised trials.

Selected publications:

Thysen SM, Benn CS, Gomes VF, Rudolf F, Wejse C, Roth A, Kallestrup P, Aaby P, Fisker AB. Neonatal BCG vaccination and child survival in TB-exposed and TB-unexposed children: a prospective cohort study (BMJ Open 2020, 10(2) e035595)

Thysen SM, Byberg S, Martins JM, Kallestrup P, Griffiths UK, Fisker AB. Household costs of seeking BCG vaccination in rural Guinea-Bissau (Vaccine 2019; 37: 5505-8)

Thysen SM, Rodrigues A, Aaby P, Fisker AB. Out-of-sequence DTP and measles vaccinations and child mortality in Guinea-Bissau – a reanalysis (BMJ Open 2019; 9; e024893)

Fisker AB, Thysen SM. Non-live pentavalent vaccines after live measles vaccine may increase mortality. (Vaccine 2018, 36(41):6039-6042. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2018.08.083)

Thysen SM, Tawiah C, Blencowe H, Manu G, Akuze J, Haider MM, Alam N, Azemeraw T, Baschieri A, Biks GA, Dzabeng F, Fisker AB, Imam MA, Martins  J, Natukwatsa D, Lawn JE, Gordeev VS. Electronic data collection in a multi-site population survey: EN-INDEPTH study. (BMC Health Population Metrics (In press) 2020).

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