Peter Elsborg

Peter is a researcher at the Center for Clinical Research and Prevention, Epidemiology Section. He holds a Cand.scient. degree in sports and psychology and a Ph.D. in sports science from the University of Copenhagen, with a focus on the psychological factors that are crucial for individuals' participation in sports and physical activity. Additionally, Peter is an external lecturer at the Department of Sports and Nutrition, University of Copenhagen.

Peter is currently serving as the acting team leader for the Health Profile Team at CKFF. The Health Profile monitors the health status of the population in the Capital Region of Denmark. The central focus is the repeated questionnaire survey called "How are you?". The collected data, along with registry data, are used for research purposes and are shared with relevant stakeholders, including municipalities and regional actors. The Health Profile serves as a tool for planning and prioritizing prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation efforts in all sectors, as well as for intersectoral collaboration. It contributes to the development of health policies in municipalities and the health agreement between municipalities, the primary healthcare sector, and the region.

Peter's research revolves around measuring, monitoring, and promoting health and well-being among children, adolescents, and adults. Using the Health Profile as a foundation, he investigates the health of the Danish population and how it evolves over time. Peter's research also include a methodological focus on how to best monitor and measure relevant indicators of the Danish populations health, risk factors, and health behavior. He has experience in describing, driving, and leading research-based intervention projects with a focus on children's physical activity. Peter's research has particularly focused on measuring and promoting children's Physical Literacy – the interplay between individuals' motivation, self-confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding of movement and its significance for lifelong participation in physical activities. Throughout his research and education, Peter has developed expertise in quantitatively measuring movement with objective (device-based) measurements. He is also become an expert in psychometrics.

Selected trust positions and activities

Principal Investigator (PI) or co-PI for the research and intervention projects DAPL, FoodAct, MOVEOUT, 3PL a.o.

Country Lead. International Physical Literacy Association (IPLA) - Danish representative in the international association for physical literacy. Responsible for the dissemination and understanding of the concept in Denmark.

Co-editor-in-chief - Scandinavian Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology 2020- Editor-in-chief for the exercise psychology section in Scandinavian Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Board member and founder of Physical Literacy Network Denmark (PL-net.dk). 

Eksternal examinor in all four Danish universities in courses related to sports and physical activity and quantitative methods.

Selected publications

Elsborg, P., Grønkjær, M. S., Toxværd, C. G., Eliasen, M. H., Lau, C. J., Bekker-Jeppesen, M., Gøtzsche, N., Jacobsen, M. H., & Andreasen, A. H. (2023). 'Hvordan har du det?' Sundhedsprofil for Region Hovedstaden og kommuner 2021 – Sundhedsadfærd og risikofaktorer blandt borgere med kronisk sygdom (s. 150). Center for Klinisk Forskning og Forebyggelse, Bispebjerg og Frederiksberg Hospital, Region Hovedstaden.

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