Peter Elsborg

Peter Elsborg is a postdoc in a part-time position between the Center for Clinical Research and Prevention and Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen. Peter is also an external associate professor at the Department of Sport, Exercise and Nutrition.

Peter's work is generally about the associations between movement behavior and health in children. Within that framework, Peter has three main areas of research.

Physical Literacy: The interplay between individuals' motivation, self-confidence, bodily competence, knowledge of and understanding of movement and its significance for lifelong participation in movement activities.

Education Outside the Classroom (EOtC) and movement behavior: The effect on children's movement behavior, motivation and learning of high quality school teaching regularly carried out outside the classroom while staying true to the goals of the subjects being taught.

Psychology of sports participation: The importance of psychological constructs (eg motivation) for sustained sports participation among children and young people.

Through his research, Peter has also developed expertise in quantitative measurement of children's movement behavior via objective measurements. Peter is also an expert in psychometry - measuring psychological constructs using psychometrically validated questionnaires.


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