Michaela Louise Schiøtz

Michaela Schiøtz is Head of Section for Intersectoral Health Services Research. Michaela has many years of experiences doing research focusing on developing, implementing and evaluating interventions within the health care system. The focus areas of Michaela's research are management of chronic conditions and multimorbidity, early interventions for children and adolescents and collaboration and coordination of care pathways in the health care system.

Besides being Head of Section, Michaela provides counselling to intersectoral research projects and is involved in several of the research projects in the section.

Michaela holds a master's degree in public health science and a PhD in Health Services Research both from University of Copenhagen.

Selected publications

Schiøtz M, Høst D, Christensen MB, Vall-Lamora MHD, Hamid YH, Almind M, Sørensen KL, Saxild T, Holm RH, Frølich A. Quality of Care for People with Multimorbidity - A Case Series. BMC Health Serv Res 2017;17:745.

Schiøtz M, Stockmarr A, Høst D, Glümer C, Frølich A. Social disparities in the prevalence of multimorbidity – A register based population study. BMC Public Health 2017;17:422.

Schiøtz M, Høst D, Frølich A. Involving patient with multimorbidity in service planning: perspectives on continuity and care coordination. Journal of Comorbidity. 2016;3(2):95-102.

Schiøtz M, Price M, Frølich A, Søgaard J, Kristensen JK, Krasnik A, Ross MN, Diderichsen F, Hsu J. Something is amiss in Denmark: a comparison of preventable hospitalisations and readmissions for chronic medical conditions in the Danish Healthcare system and Kaiser Permanente. BMC Health Services Research 2011, Dec 22;11:347. 

Schiøtz M, Bøgelund M, Almdal T, Willaing I. Discrete choice as a method for exploring education preferences in a Danish population of patients with type 2 diabetes. Patient Education and Counselling 2012 May;87(2):217-25. 

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