Marie Stjerne Grønkjær

Marie Grønkjær is a researcher at Center for Clinical Research and Prevention in the Section for Health Promotion and Prevention with focus on the Danish Capital Region Health Surveys. Marie has a master and PhD degree in Public Health from University of Copenhagen. Her PhD project was completed at Department of Public Health and included a large data collection and establishment of a database with information on cognitive aging. Data was used to explore the influence of education, alcohol consumption and alcohol-related disorders on age-related cognitive decline.


Marie's research is primarily within statistical analyses and epidemiological methods with a particular interest in health behavior, mental health and illness. She is experienced in collection of data—ranging from development of questionnaires, analyses of data to broad dissemination of the results.


As a part of the team responsible for the Danish Capital Region Health surveys, Marie focuses on 1) developing methods to examine the population's health behavior and health status using surveys and registries, and 2) analyzing and disseminating results of the Danish Capital Region Health surveys to stakeholders, including municipalities and regional stakeholders.


Selected publications

  • Grønkjær M, Flensborg-Madsen T, Osler M, Sørensen HJ, Becker U, Mortensen EL. Intelligence test scores before and after alcohol-related disorders - A longitudinal study of Danish male conscripts. Alcoholism, Clinical and Experimental Research 2019; 43(10), 2187–2195. 

  • Grønkjær M, Flensborg-Madsen T, Osler M, Sørensen HJ, Becker U, Mortensen EL. Adult-life alcohol consumption and age-related cognitive decline from early adulthood to late midlife. Alcohol and Alcoholism 2019; 54(4), 446–454. 

  • Grønkjær M, Osler M, Flensborg-Madsen T, Sørensen HJ, Mortensen EL. Associations between education and age-related cognitive changes from early adulthood to late midlife. Psychology and Aging 2019; 34(2), 177–186. 

  • Flensborg-Madsen T, Grønkjær M, Mortensen EL. Predictors of early life milestones: Results from the Copenhagen Perinatal Cohort. BMC Pediatrics 2019; 19(1), 420. 

  • Grønkjær M, Eliasen M, Skov-Ettrup LS, Tolstrup JS, Christiansen AH, Mikkelsen SS, Becker U, Flensborg-Madsen T. Preoperative smoking status and postoperative complications: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Annals of Surgery 2014; 259(1), 52–71. 

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