Mads Bølling

​Communication Consultant

In his work as a Communication Consultant, Mads Bølling is responsible for supporting communication and dissemination tasks for the researchers at the Center. The purpose is to strengthen the communication and dissemination capacity and visibility of the Center through impact and outreach activities. Mads has an in-depth and practical knowledge of social media research communication as well as experience with layout, websites, infographics, podcasts and TV and video production.

Mads is committed based on a great insight of tasks and needs of CKFF and the researchers at the Center. Since 2012, he has been engaged in research projects and communication of research. In addition to his Communications Consultant responsibility, Mads is employed on a daily basis as a Researcher in health promotion and prevention at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen. In his research and projects, he works closely with frontend staff and the welfare professions, i.e. schoolteachers and pedagogues, promoting health and well-being of children. Currently, he is engaged in project management and communication of the research project MOVEOUT, which aims to strengthen children and young people's physical activity in school.


Responsible editor