Louise Barkan Staal

Louise Barkan Staal works on the project 'Vores Sunde Hverdag', which is anchored in Center for Clinical Research and Prevention. Louise is a local coordinator in the municipality of Rødovre. Her job is to build bridge between the research and the local practice by supporting and facilitating the unfolding of the project in Rødovre Municipality's daily life.

The purpose of the project is to develop an optimized a model of prevention and health promotion in the municipalities, which creates positive and measurable effects on the citizens' health and well-being. The aim is that the model should be dynamic and scalable for the municipalities to use it for planning, prioritization and implementation of prevention and health promoting efforts in order to generate as much health and well-being as possible from the available ressources.

Louise has a master's degree in public health from the University of Southern Denmark and has previously - in two other municipalities - been working with health promotion and prevention with a special focus on cross-sectional collaboration and efforts.

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