Kirstine Skov Benthien

Kirstine Skov Benthien is a postdoctoral researcher in Center for Clinical Research and Prevention. She has a clinical background in nursing and a Master of Science in Health Science. She acquired her PhD in 2017 from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen with a thesis about intersections in specialized palliative care and oncology. Main research methods are complex randomized controlled trials and register studies.

Kirstine's research is focused on supportive interventions to improve health-related quality of life and prevent hospital admissions for chronic and life-threatening illnesses. She is currently involved in evaluating the effect of Proactive Health Support: a randomized controlled trial of telephone-based self-management support for persons at risk of hospital admission ( NCT03628469)

Selected publications:

Benthien KS, Adsersen M, Petersen MA, Vadstrup ES, Sjøgren P, Groenvold M. Is specialized palliative cancer care associated with use of antineoplastic treatment at the end of life? A population-based cohort study. Palliative Medicine, accepted June 2018.


Benthien KS, Nordly M, von Heymann-Horan A, Rosengaard Holmenlund K, Timm H, Kurita GP, et al. Causes of Hospital Admissions in Domus: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Specialized Palliative Cancer Care at Home. J Pain Symptom Manage. 2018;55(3):728-36.


Kurita GP, Benthien KS, Sjogren P, Kaasa S, Hjermstad MJ. Identification of the predictors of cognitive impairment in patients with cancer in palliative care: a prospective longitudinal analysis. Support Care Cancer. 2017;25(3):941-9.


Benthien KS, Nordly M, Videbaek K, Kurita GP, von der Maase H, Timm H, et al. Classification of a palliative care population in a comprehensive cancer centre. Support Care Cancer. 2016;24(4):1865-73.


Kurita GP, Benthien KS, Nordly M, Mercadante S, Klepstad P, Sjogren P, et al. The evidence of neuraxial administration of analgesics for cancer-related pain: a systematic review. Acta Anaesthesiol Scand. 2015;59(9):1103-15.

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