Kamille Almer Bernsdorf Torp

Kamille has a graduate degree in human nutrition and her academic focus has therefore centered on diet. Kamille has previously worked with the health profile for the Capital Region. This involved mapping health, spread of diseases and the likelyhood of developing disease in the Capital Region every 3-4 years. Her work has maintained focus on building a framework that observes structural prevention and social inequality, in this context Kamille has studied the connection between structures and diets. This has also been the focus for her PhD project: Characterizing food environments - public health perspectives. Using regional health profiles from the Capital Region and the North Denmark Region (2010, 2013, 2017 and when available 2021), Kamilla wants to investigate, to what extent dietary habits can be affected by physical structures in the local environment, such as: Fast food chains, grocery stores and restaurants. The data for this study is both the health profiles themselves, but paired with the previousle mentioned geographical information relevant to this study. Additionally, she incorporates sociodemographic data both on an individual level, but also on a larger regional scale.

Selected publications:

  • HEALTH & PLACE Accessibility of Fast food outlets is Associated with Fast food intake. A study in the Capital Region of Denmark Kamille Almer Bernsdorf ; Cathrine Juel Lau; Anne Helms Andreasen Maja Bülow Lykke; Ulla Toft; Charlotte Glümer.
  • PREVENTIVE MEDICINE REPORTS Temporal Changes in soft drink intake and variation across municipalities in the Capital Region of Denmark. Kamille Almer Bernsdorf ; Cathrine Juel Lau; Kirstine Robinson; Ulla Toft; Anne Helms Andreasen; Charlotte Glümer.
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