Heidi Klakk Egebæk


Heidi Klakk Egebæk is a researcher at Center for Clinical Research and Prevention in the Section for Health Promotion and Prevention. Heidi is a physiotherapist and has a master's degree in public health and a PhD from University of Southern Denmark (SDU) on children, physical activity and health. Together with the research group at SDU Heidi has carried out large intervention and cohort studies with children and their families focusing on physical activity, muscular activity, screen time and mental health. ​Presently, Heidi is a part of Det Sektorfri Forebyggelseslaboratorium.

Selected publications

Symptoms of depression in young adulthood is associated with unfavorable clinical- and behavioral cardiovascular disease risk factorsKlakk, H., Kristensen, P. L., Andersen, L. B., Froberg, K., Møller, N. C. & Grøntved, A., sep. 2018, I : Preventive Medicine Reports. 

Using the RE-AIM framework to evaluate a school-based municipal programme tripling time spent on PE. Nielsen, J. V., Skovgaard, T., Bredahl, T. V. G., Bugge, A., Wedderkopp, N. & Klakk, H., okt. 2018, I : Evaluation and Program Planning.  

The development of a questionnaire to assess leisure time screen-based media use and its proximal correlates in children (SCREENS-Q), Klakk, H., Wester, C. T., Olesen, L. G., Rasmussen, M. G., Kristensen, P. L., Pedersen, J. & Grøntved, A., 2020, I: BMC Public Health. 20 

Digital Health Literacy and Information-Seeking Behavior among University College Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-Sectional Study from Denmark. Bak, C. K., Krammer, J. Ø., Dadaczynski, K., Orkan, O., von Seelen, J., Prinds, C. L., Søbjerg, L. M. & Egebæk, H. K., 2022, I: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 19, 6, 14 s., 3676. 

Prospective association of adiposity and cardiorespiratory fitness with cardiovascular risk factors in healthy childrenKlakk, H., Grøntved, A., Møller, N. C., Heidemann, M., Wedderkopp, N. & Andersen, L. B., aug. 2014, I : Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports. 24, 4, s. e275-e282 8 s.  

Six physical education lessons a week can reduce cardiovascular risk in school children aged 6-13 years: A longitudinal study. Klakk, H., Andersen, L. B., Heidemann, M. S., Møller, N. C. & Wedderkopp, N., 2014, I : Scandinavian Journal of Public Health. 42, 2, s. 128-136 9 s.  

Effect of four additional physical education lessons on body composition in children aged 8-13 years - a prospective study during two school years . Klakk, H., Chinapaw, M., Heidemann, M., Andersen, L. B. & Wedderkopp, N., 17 okt. 2013, I : B M C Pediatrics. 13. 

Three times as much physical education reduced the risk of children being overweight or obese after 5 years, Kühr, P., Lima, R. A., Grøntved, A., Wedderkopp, N. & Klakk, H., 2020, I : Acta Paediatrica. 109, 3, s. 595-601 7 s. 

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