Gunhild Tidemann Okholm

Gunhild Tidemann Okholm is a senior researcher at Center for Clinical Research and Prevention, Section for Data, Biostastatistics and Pharmacoepidemiology. Gunhild has a master's degree in Public Health from University of Copenhagen and a PhD in Public Health from University of Southern Denmark.

Gunhild combines public health, psychology, and epidemiology to investigate the relation between psychological characteristics and health. Her research explores how psychological characteristics influence health and vice versa, with a main focus on intelligence as a psychological predictor of somatic and psychiatric diseases. In the coming years, her vision is to redirect her focus towards the influence of health and treatment on cognitive decline and cognitive development. Gunhild has extensive experience with large register-based studies and the application of advanced epidemiological methods and sibling comparison designs.

Currently, Gunhild is engaged in a project investigating the influence of type 2 diabetes and depression on cognitive decline. This project is based on the newly established Danish Aging and Cognition (DanACo) Cohort, which consists of 5183 men that have participated in a follow-up study (mean age 64.4 years) where they completed the same intelligence test that they completed at the mandatory conscription board examination in young adulthood (mean age 20.4 years). This cohort thus contains information on the test results from the same intelligence test taken more than 40 years apart.

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