Freja Bach Kampman

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Research Area

Freja Bach Kampmann is a postdoctoral fellow in the Center for Clinical Research and Prevention in the Section for Epidemiology. Freja has a master's degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Copenhagen and a PhD degree from the National Food Institute at the Technical University of Denmark in collaboration with Rigshospitalet. In November 2019, she defended her PhD thesis entitled: "Fetal programming of dietary intake, body composition, and cardiometabolic health in children and adolescents", in which she investigated the association between an adverse intrauterine environment and later risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Previously, Freja has conducted clinical studies and worked with data from large-scale cohorts. These experiences have built Freja's skills within epidemiological research, planning and execution of clinical examinations, and statistical analyses of data from a diverse variety of types and sources, including epidemiological, clinical, nutritional, and register-based data. Additionally, she has experiences with dietary assessment methods including validation of a Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ) to estimate dietary intake among Danish adolescents.

Currently, Freja is employed as a postdoc on the Vitamin K project. The overall purpose of the project is to investigate the role of Vitamin K in cardiovascular disease and diabetes by integrating epidemiological, clinical, and genetic studies.

Selected Publications

Li M,* Rahman ML*, Wu J, Ding M, Chavarro JE, Lin Y, Ley SH, Bao W, Grunnet LG, Hinkle SN, Thuesen ACB, Yeung E, Gore-Langton RE, Sherman S, Hjort L, Kampmann FB, Bjerregaard AA, Damm P, Tekola-Ayele1 F, Liu A, Mills JL, Vaag A, Olsen SF, Hu FB, Zhang C. "Genetic factors and risk of type 2 diabetes among women with a history of gestational diabetes: findings from two independent populations." BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care.

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