Elise Harder is employed in a postdoc position in the Section for Intersectoral Health Services Research. Elise works mainly with monitoring, evaluation and analysis of ongoing and new initiatives targeted at the treatment of people with chronic disease. The focus of the initiatives is to create the framework for a coherent continuity of care and to ensure equal access to health for all. Moreover, Elise has responsibilities related to the Intersectoral Fund for Health Research.

Elise holds a master's degree in Public Health Science from University of Copenhagen and a PhD degree from The Danish Cancer Society. Her thesis was defended in 2020 and deals with cervical cancer screening with main focus on determinants for non-participation in the organized cervical cancer screening program and in a free of charge home-based HPV-test.

Former employments include the Danish Health Data Authority, where Elise was employed in the national PRO-secretariate. Elise had responsibilities related to development of national PRO-questionnaires in close collaboration with both patients, clinicians, patient organizations and other experts.


Selected publications

Harder E et al. Non-participation in cervical cancer screening according to health, lifestyle and sexual behaviour: A population-based study of nearly 15,000 Danish women aged 23-45 years. Preventive Medicine, 2020:137.

Harder E et al. Determinants for Participation in Human Papillomavirus Self-Sampling among Nonattenders to Cervical Cancer Screening in Denmark. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev, 2018:27(11);1342–51.

Harder E et al. Factors associated with non-participation in cervical cancer screening - A nationwide study of nearly half a million women in Denmark. Preventive Medicine, 2018:111;94–100.

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