Cathrine Uhrbrand Fox Maule

Cathrine obtained a PhD degree in physics from the University of Copenhagen in 2006. She has worked many years in research and has expertise in mathematical modelling and numerical analysis. She has experience in extracting complex cohorts from Danish registry data.


Selected publications:

- R. Benestad, J. Sillmann, T.L. Thorarinsdottir, P. Guttorp, M.d.S. Mesquita, M.R. Tye, P. Uotila, C. Fox Maule, P. Thejll, M. Drews & K.M. Parding, 2017. New vigour involving statisticians to overcome ensemble fatigue. Nature Climate Change, 7, 697-703, doi: 10-1038/nclimate3393.

- C. F. Maule, T. Mendlik & O. B. Christensen, 2016. The effect of the pathway to a two degrees warmer world on the regional temperature change of Europe, Climate Services, doi: 10.1016/j.cliser.2016.07.002.

- M. Déqué, S. Calmanti, O. B. Christensen, A. D. Aquila, C. Fox Maule, A. Haensler, G. Nikulin, C. Teichmann, 2016. A multi-model climate response over tropical Africa at +2 °C. Climate Services, doi:10.1016/j.cliser.2016.06.002.

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