Anne Ahrendt Bjerregaard

Anne Ahrendt Bjerregaard is postdoc at the Center for Clinical Research and Prevention in the Section for Epidemiology. She holds a Master's degree in Human Nutrition and a PhD in Public health and Epidemiology from University of Copenhagen.

Anne started her research career focusing on development and validation of food frequency questionnaires (FFQ) and data assessment on food and physical activity habits among Danish adolescents. She has many years of experience in working with the Danish National Birth Cohort where she has contributed with important data assessment and high-quality data. Anne has worked with research in dietary exposures in fetal life and child health including growth and metabolic profiles. She focusses on disentangling associations between diet and lifestyle factors in childhood i.e. intake of sugar sweetened beverages in childhood and later risk of obesity comparing children who were exposed to gestational diabetes with children who were not exposed; and describe determinants of physical activity habits. Anne has experience in establishing different dietary patterns and indices such as a Healthy Eating Index, Inflammatory diet index etc. 

In her position as postdoc, she will use data from the DanFunD study (Danish Study of Functional Disorders). She will focus on studying associations between education, labor market participation, physical performance, and biomedical profiling among other things within multiple chemical sensitivities cases and non-cases.   

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