Anja Lykke Madsen

Section of Epidemiology
Research coordinator

Anja Lykke Madsen is research coordinator at the Center for Clinical Research and Prevention in the Section for Epidemiology. She is authorized as Clinical Dietician (2001) and holds a master’s degree (2005) and PhD (2011) in Human Nutrition from the University of Copenhagen.

Since 2006, Anja has worked with data collection, data management and research administration at several population-based studies. Through this, she has built strong competences in epidemiological research and processing of bigdata. Anja has experience with coding in SAS and REDCap at a superuser level.

Anja can advise on access to and handling of the section's data, including the rules of processing personal data and application to relevant authorities. Furthermore, she can assist with preparation of data processing agreements and fund applications.

Responsible editor