Anders Blædel Gottlieb Hansen

Anders Blædel Gottlieb Hansen is postdoc in CCRP, Section for Health Promotion and Prevention. He has a master's degree from University of Roskilde and a PhD in alcohol prevention from National Institute of Public Health, SDU.

Anders has worked with intervention research in alcohol prevention and has experience in working with complex interventions. He has a particular interest in the connection between evaluation, research design and the prerequisites that must be in place for researchers to achieve reliable evidence for effect of efforts and interventions.

Anders has also previously worked as research consultant for the Metropol University Collega and has first hand experience to fundraising and guidance in relation to research projects and fund applications.

Currently, Anders is a project leader at "Det Sektorfri Forebyggelseslaboratorium", (independant prevention laboratory). The prevention laboratories emerged from the Danish Region's campaign "Health for Life - Prevention is a necessary investment" from april 2017. The laboratory will with research and trials of partnerships and new innovative efforts and methods provide new knowledge and form a better basis for prioritising new types of evidence-based prevention initiatives.

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