Allan Linneberg

Director, Professor, MD, PhD


More than 20 years of experience  within research in national health and clinical epidemiology. Particular interest include the use of biomarkers in causality seeking epidemiology, monitoring of health and prevalence of disease with national health surveys, genetic epidemiology, registry research and pharmocoepidemiology. Has researched occurence, risk factors and prevention of chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, allergies and autoimmune disease. Since 2014 clinical professor at the Institute for Clinical Medicine, University of Copenhagen, with focus on implementation of epidemiological methods in research at clinical departments.


  • Vice Chairman for the Capital Region's Strategic Research Council

  • Member of the selection panel for Capital Region's Research Fund

  • Member of the Heart Foundation's Research Comittee

  • Member of the Directoral Board of the Copenhagen Medical Society

  • Recipient of the Schering-Plough Prize (2000) and Grete Stampe's research legate (2013), in recognition of research on allergies.

Selected Publications:

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