Berit L. Heitmann


​Professor of Nutritional Epidemiology, PhD

Head of the Research Unit for Dietary Studies​​

(+45) 38 16 30 70
Research interests:

Berit Heitmann has more than 25 years of experience in research in nutritional epidemiology with a particular focus on the dietary determinants and consequences of obesity.

Berit Heitmann has extensive experience in project management and has initiated, conducted and led several large projects, including the recently concluded Healthy Start project, a primary intervention study initiated in 2008 to prevent obesity that included 1000 children and their families, and the D-tect study that examines health risk related to low foetal vitamin D levels. She also initiated, developed and led the Research Unit for Dietary Studies, which was established with a highly competitive grant from the National research Council's FREJA program. In existence since 1998, the Research Unit for Dietary Studies currently hosts 10-15 researchers and has an international network comprising more than 200 mainly European researchers.​

Berit Heitmann has recently attracted a 5 mio. Euro EU grant from the Horizon2020 programme to manage weight loss in adult Europeans.


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